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What is Pearl of The Meadow Apothecary?

Pearl of the Meadow Apothecary offers you a variety of natural alternatives that are thoughtfully and carefully crafted individually. These products are curated for anyone to help your body transform to its homeostasis - which is a state of balance within the body for it to function and survive correctly. If you seek deep nourishment devoid of toxins, preservatives or fillers - you’re in the right place.

We can all be broken once, and healing takes time. True intention to heal your body involves patience, time, and effort. And that your intention to heal is also greater than your intention to stay the same. 



Diana began her studies in Western Medicine, and is currently getting certification with Wild Rose College.  She began her herbal journey at Hollow Reed School of Healing Arts and is still connected with the school.  Hollow Reed provided framework of combining Holistic Health, and Spiritual Growth along with Metaphysical aspects combined provided a toolbox of wisdom to properly work with and care for the plant world, and understand its gifts for people. 

She was born in the Philippines where some family ancestors healed with herbs and esoteric practices.  Diana immigrated to Canada in Winnipeg, MB in 1992 as an 11-years old dropped into the western world having to learn the culture.   Completed University and became  a Surgical Nurse for 16 years now and have seen Western medicine evolve in many amazing ways, and yet also questioned some of its traditions.  

Her passion for Healing began years ago when realized some hard truths about the institutions of our modern culture. Lifestyle changes, discipline, deep curiosity, and love for learning new things have helped her feel inspired to curate  self care tools she loves using for herself, and also to share them with others . 

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Stephen's mother was a piano teacher and he took piano lessons with his mother's teacher at 4 years old.  As an older child got into layering music and creating beats on keyboards learning pattern making and sequencing.  Took Jazz piano for a year with Marilyn Lerner before branching into varied genres of electronic music released by Balanced Records in the early 2000s as Equanim.  His debut album in 2002 was nominated for Instrumental Album of the Year with the Western Canadian Music Awards.  Since then he performed rapping, singing, performing with bands and contemporary dancers, learnt how to breakdance, dance battled lots, and became an all-styles DJ..

With a B.A. in psychology Stephen began working at a resource centre for homeless youths, and then in high risk group homes/emergency placement shelters.  After 5 years of that he began to work as a support worker and case worker with adults that had a wide range of struggles; from significant cognition/emotional damage and disregulation,  as well as safety for themselves and society.


Throughout his life, people end up talking to him about significant aspects of their lives knowing that he will;

Listen, keep what you are saying safe, and do the best he can to offer help/direction.

Life ended up giving him major medical issues that have led to education/training in sound healing, hypnotherapy, NLP, quantum healing, and shamanism.

Now full circle, Stephen is back to piano,  getting deep with sound creation and synthesis.   Using a life of experience to bring people to more relaxed and focused states of consciousness.


Stephen is applying all he has learning over his lifetime to best heal himself and others, together.

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